About us

Starting in 1999, the VOP GROUP Ltd. begins with an emphasis on the development of civil activities.
        In 2000, the company decided to expand its service to motorists, which until then limited to the sale of tires and batteries. In February 2000, the company opened its own tire service. In the same year, the VOP GROUP Ltd. enhances its cooperation with Barum Continental Ltd. and became a dealer. At the end of 2000 was set up the shop technical, food and medical gas LINDE in our company. Customer service has been further expanded and the centre of the assembly and television antennas and satellite distribution, video and radio distribution. The company VOP GROUP Ltd. continue to operate in the field of engineering, development, manufacture and repair of special connecting technology. Our company introduced the production of colloquial kits for mobile communication in jointing devices and produces rechargeable generators 2840 / D powered by internal combustion diesel engine.
        Year 2001 bears the signs of further improvement and development of services to motorists and the VOP GROUP Ltd. open automated. Our company introduced into its filling electric car repairs, installation hands-free kits, etc. The company VOP GROUP Ltd. was included in network of selected branches by the Barum Continental ltd., which may give motorists a Europe-wide guarantee system services. Cooperation with Barum Continental ltd.; has been elevated to the status of Franchising. At the same time company expand the range of sales centre on a special floor coverings. In the same year, the company introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001:1994 and successfully completed the certification audit.
         In 2003, the company expanded portfolio of products and services offered on garden products from recycled plastics.
        Year 2004 represents a significant milestone in the perspective of the company. The company has successfully passed the audit of management system certification according to the new ISO 9001:2000 and successfully passed certification audit environmental management according to ISO 14001:1996. In the same year, manufacture of steel structures according to standards CSN 732601 Z2: 1994 in the range of small certificate of competency was certified. Car service expanded its range of bodywork services, including painting.
In 2005 the company successfully passed certification audit by ČOS 051622.       Year 2007 brought the expansion of the company, when the supply of our company received production of engraving plates and the technology GRAWERTON.
We intend to continue to expand the range and in particular to improve the quality of our services in order to achieve maximum benefit for our current and future customers.
        The current annual turnover of VOP GROUP, Ltd. is around 3,5 million €.
        The company owner is Ing. William Widenka.
        The company VOP GROUP Ltd.; is registered in the commercial register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, and File 16114th



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Český Těšín
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