Our production possibilities are custom-made engineering products and metalwork production, both in series and in individual units.
Here are some examples of our products:

    >> Stock trucks
    >> Hydrant boxes
    >> School benches
    >> Racks and Stands
    >> Steel shelters
    >> Rehabilitation device platforms
    >> Enclosures, cabinets, control panels
    >> Metal (aluminium, tin, stainless steel) chassis for the machines and devices
    >> Promotional stands
    >> Outdoor trash cans
    >> Handles various sizes
    >> CNC sheet metal processing

        Our production capabilities include surface treatment, which provide customized powder coating, synthetic or epoxy paints. We provide silver, zinc and nickel plating products.

Production Possibilities

Our production options are extensive, and we are able to:
Pressed holes in the sheets on CNC press brake
    >> Cut
    >> Drill
    >> Grind
    >> Weld flame or in a protective atmosphere by MIG and TIG
    >> Welded stainless steel sheets
    >> Welded aluminium sheets
    >> Spot metal welding
    >> Clean surface material by sand blasting
    >> Bend rods and tubes
    >> Pressed threaded inserts M4-M8
    >> Threaded by air threading M4-M8


        We can also provide the means of production for hardening, the manufacture of products, electric arc welding or gas welding, cutting, bending or cutting plates.
Here are following the production for:
    >> Press cutting in high precision up to 3 mm thick steel plates
    >> Laser or water jet cutting complex,
    >> Semi-finished production of threaded ring
    >> Finishing (silver, nickel, zinc plating)

Workshop Production

        Our engineering operations offer is not limited to the production of new products. We are cutting for our customers such as knives, scissors, saws, and we produce products or provide a wide range of services based on our production capacity. Here is one such as sand blasted products, spray paints and powdered plastics and many others.


Pressing holes in the sheets on CNC press

Max power press
maximum dimension of pressed metal sheet
maximum circle hole diameter
maximum thickness of steel

250 kN
1200 x 1000 mm
100 mm
3 mm

Charring sheets CNC

in length
press power

3000 mm
100 t


in the average surface
surface to a height of
grooves in length

300 mm
150 mm
110 mm


swing over bed
turning length
throughput spindle

up to 350 mm
1000 mm
45 mm


milling work pieces up to size

600 x 300 x 250 mm


in diameter

50 mm


Area, max size cut surfaces
-distance between centres
-max. weight cut piece

150 x 400 mm

160 mm
320 mm
25 kg


Flame welding
Welding protect by the atmosphere by MIG and TIG
Arc welding stainless steel materials
Welding of aluminium materials


wet coatings followed by firing
burning paint, maximum dimensions

1500 x 900 mm x1500

Spraying powdered plastics

maximum dimensions of the products

900 x 900x900 mm

Other Options

Production of
cutting material, max diameter
bending sheet metal to a maximum width
cutting plates up to the width

maximum 400 x 500 mm

200 mm
3000 mm, t = 3 mm
2500 mm, t = 3 mm

Precision Machining

In the production of mechanically machined parts, we are able to achieve the accuracy of the Rules of Procedure of hundredths of a millimetre; hand-shaped parts in the Rules of Procedure tenth of a millimetre.

Be Available Technology

Following the production, we are able to secure:

  • cutting to the press in high precision up to 3 mm
  • laser  or water jet cutting complex 
  • for the semi-threaded ring
  • finishing (silver, nickel, zinc plating)

        Are you interested in any of these activities and technologies? Do you need the exact product? Please contact us, write about what specifically you are interested, and we will as soon as possible, we offer a detailed.



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