We Produce

      We are focusing primarily on special electrical engineering and electronics.

Here you can order:

    >>Diode blocks (DB 1000), for the injection of positive measuring voltage to power circuits, low voltage network (up to 1100V).
    >> Ground fault protection equipment (RPX-2), particular use in  coal mines
    >> Melodic bells.
   >>Measurement products and testers for different types of switching technology.
    >> Panels with ground fault protection equipment
    >> Overvoltage protection
    >> Cabinets with various cover IP
    >> Resources 230/26 V DC
    >>NS rechargeable generators 2840 / D powered by internal combustion diesel engine.
    >>Internal voice communications equipment for mobile devices.

We Provide

        Our products or any other products, electrical engineering and electronics we provide professionally installation, fix to mount, adjust or correct.

You can order from us:

    >> Projects, plan, scheme in the field of electronics
    >> Electrical instalations of devices on mobile trailers (including residential mobile trailers)
    >> ASSEMBLY of mobile repair workshops
    >> Repair of consumer and industrial electronics
    >> Repair and maintenance of outdoor lighting in the municipalities and businesses conducted through hydraulic platforms
    >> Review of electric distribution
    >> Repair of electric car
    >> Repair of radio stations (KV, VHF) small and medium-sized performance, including accessories
    >> Inspections and audits of small and low-voltage



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