Our specialization, the most remarkable find, is the development, production, servicing, maintenance and revision of special technology. We provide initial and periodic revision of the mobile power stations and portable telecommunication devices according to CSN 331500 and CSN 33 2000 - 6 – 61.
        Equally important part of our offer is the development, production and development-purpose switching equipment of mobile telecommunication devices, mobile radio stations or fixed-purpose telecommunication devices.

We perform other special activities, notably:

    >> Repair of telecommunication devices (radio stations, receivers, etc.)
    >>  Repair of mobile telecommunication devices
    >> The installation of power stations, media and satellite distribution of army base
    >> We produce measurement product devices and testers for different types of switching technology
    >> We produce NS rechargeable generators 2840 / D powered by internal combustion diesel engine
    >> We perform routine repair, restoration and set the basic parameters and control of technical condition and operability of all telecommunication devices, also directly in your location
    >> We provide service maintenance of all types telecommunication devices
    >> Connecting mobile devices modernize or adjust according to your wishes and make them into dedicated devices
    >> Refurbishes and produce spare parts of mobile radio devices
    >> Repealed telecommunication devices are professionally disposed
    >> We provide special technology conservation and long-term store

We Repair

    >> Radio receivers
    >> Portable radio station
    >> Communication equipment
    >> Charger and power supplies
    >> Charging generator
    >> Connecting mobile workshops
    >> Phones and switchers
    >> Field amplifier
    >> Dispatching device
    >> Carrier telephony systems and tone telegraphy
    >> Construction cable sets

        Obtaining ISO 9001, the certificate of quality system proofs the quality of our work and our employees.


         We provide a service and repairing telecommunication devices. Inspection of technology is secured with approved technical conditions, and if demand worker ZSOJ.

We do this service to the switching technology:

    >> Radio Receivers
    >> Portable radio station
    >> Radio station
    >> Tank’s  telecommunication equipment
    >> Power supply parts for radio stations and receivers
    >> Command radio station
    >> Command workplace
    >> Mobile telecommunication workshops
    >> Telephone equipment
    >> Telephone switchers, field amplifier
    >> Dispatching equipment
    >> Telex machines
    >> Carrier telephony systems and tone telegraphy
    >> Equipment selective call
    >> Other regular technique
    >> Establishments
    >> Construction cable sets

Service for Customers

Directly to the user we perform inspection:
    >> Connecting service maintenance kits
    R-3A, R-3AT, R-3AMT, R-4A, R-4AT
    R-3S, R-3D
    OT-64/R2M, OT-64/R3MT, OT-64/R4MT
    OT-R5, OT-R5M, OT-R5M1p
    P-240T, P-241TM
    >> Control and set the technical parameters with the removal of those failures telecommunication devices 
    >> Regular review of electrical installation of  mobile telecommunication devices
    >> RE-10, KZNP and DUDZ repaired technology
    >> Built RF1325 (RF1350) to vehicles (LR, BRDM, OT-64, OT ZV-90, BVP-1)
    >> Furthermore, we are able to carry out repairs finding a special connection technology
(in stationary and mobile design), which is not listed.

        Our options are even wider. If you have not found your needs of maintenance, installation or replacement, write to us, we take care of putting the quality of your equipment for maximum technical parameters. Our professionally trained staff, total output control and periodic measurements using calibrated measuring device guarantee top professional care of your equipment. The quality of our work also suggests obtaining ISO 9001 Quality Certificate



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